Standing (from left to right) : Linda McCullough, Treasurer; Steve Scurlock, 3rd Vice President; Emma Pierson, Vice President; Sandra Nantais, Corresponding Secretary; Sitting (from left to right): Carolyn Files, 2nd Vice President; Sarah Johnson, Recording Secretary; Kathleen Simon, President


Kathleen Simon joined LSPS – Founders chapter in 2017. She holds a B.A. in English – Creative Writing from Louisiana State University and currently works as a corporate trainer and adjunct instructor. She enjoys the challenge of form poetry but prefers writing free verse. “Despite its perceived complexity and daunting demeanor, poetry becomes the voice, loud and clear, for many invested in the craft. It’s one of those things you can do quietly and still feel like you’re being heard–even when you’re the only one listening.”


1st Vice President

Emma Pierson joined LSPS in 1987. She has since chaired the Spring Festival and Spring Poetry Contest for the Greater New Orleans Fleur de Lys chapter for twenty years with Mary Galvin (member).


2nd Vice President

Carolyn Files


3rd Vice President

Steve Scurlock



Linda McCullough


Recording Secretary

Sarah Johnson


Corresponding Secretary

Sandra Nantais joined LSPS when she relocated from Indiana to Louisiana in 2016.  She joined the Monroe Chapter and has become very active with LSPS just as she was with the Indiana State Federation of Poetry Clubs (NKA Poetry Society of Indiana).  She is always searching for interesting and fun poetry forms to challenge and inspire herself, other poets and those who think they are not a poet.  “We are all born with an awareness of all our senses and free expression.  Poetry brings us back to this freedom of thought, whether reading or writing poetry.  We are all born with the soul of a poet.” She may be contacted at